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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Clients and Agronomists


AAAA greatly values the very positive relationship we have with our clients and their professional agronomists. 

To promote the strength of the triangle of responsibilities and due diligence shared by clients, agronomists and applicators, AAAA provides training for clients and agronomists in 'Getting the Best from the Plane'.  These courses are generally hosted by aerial application companies, but AAAA also provides courses and talks to various agronomy companies as part of their ongoing professional development.  If you are interested in receiving this training, contact your professional representative body or your local member of AAAA.

In addition, AAAA has produced a range of guidance material of a general nature.

 TitleModified DateSize 
Professional Application Brochure12/7/2011261.52 KBDownload
Spray Decision Flow Chart12/7/2011144.03 KBDownload
AAAA Standard Spray Order Form12/7/2011198.52 KBDownload
AAAA Agronomist Checklist12/7/2011166.12 KBDownload
AAAA Safer Airstrips Guide8/5/2014209.53 KBDownload

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